Gotta get this thing going!
Eye See You
Okay, I think it's time I start trying to post some photos, maybe make a few friends on here. Social networking and juggling the various sites out there is tough, haha. But yeah, if you're reading this and want to be friends, feel free to add me. As long as your journal doesn't look like it belongs to a spammer, I'll add you back. Or you can find me at my DeviantArt account and add me there.

Finally getting my act together!
Eye See You
Okay, I'm finally getting this thing into gear! I've been taking a lot of photographs and doing a lot of experiments; in my personal opinion, I improve a bit with each shoot, so I'm really eager to keep going and already have some more lined up for the next few weeks. I'm definitely still a beginner, but I've put a lot of effort into the images I've taken so far. I think I'll start posting on communities to see if I can touch base with other photographers.

Just a run down about me for anyone who may stumble upon this journal:

* I have a Canon EOS 7D, and I am struggling to teach myself how to use it. It's a very complex camera, and it was a tough choice for a first DSLR, but I researched for a long time and decided I was up for the challenge.

* I'm serious about wanting to be the best I can be, so I'm constantly looking for good tutorials or explanations based on someone else's work or my own. So far I haven't had any completely solid critique on my photographs, and I would love to get some feedback from someone much more experienced that can help me to improve as a photographer. Nothing vague, harsh, or mean! Just honest, clear examples of what could be changed for the better. So far, the constructive criticism I've received has been contradicting and subjective.

* I'm just starting out with this particular journal, though I'm not new to LJ. I'd like to make some friends so that I have people to chatter with about these interests that none of my other friends really have. If you do anything with video and use After Effects, that would be a huge plus, as I'm also trying to tackle that program.

So yeah, feel free to add me if you're interested in photography. If you don't have photography listed as an interest, though, or aren't a part of any related communities, please leave me a comment telling me why you want to add me. Otherwise, I'll assume you're a spammer or a troll.

Happy New Year to those who are starting over now! Time for some fresh starts and new beginnings.

Eye See You
New here, blank journal because I just got started. I'm not a troll, though! I'm just beginning to break this thing in. Eventually I'll have pictures to post... and probably rants and raves about photography when I get going.

If you've stumbled upon here because of a community or something, hello! Feel free to add me, though I may be a little quiet and boring for a month or so.

I made a deal with myself as far as getting certain things done at home that meant I won't have my camera until they're done. It's at my mom's right now, still in its box. I can't wait to start using it, ugh! My pictures currently on Deviant Art are too low quality to be featured anywhere, and I just want to get started with my sexy canon 7D. Unfortunately, it's gonna take me forever to get this stuff done, especially because everywhere I need to be is covered in spiders and webbing. I have a crippling fear of spiders, living or dead, and spiderwebs. At least when they're touching me. But I can't kill them, either, because I don't believe in killing things for no reason. x.x So I'm working in bursts until I get too scared to continue. Someday this will finally be finished and I can start taking photos. I'm just irked because it's not like I can just open the camera and take amazing shots. I'm gonna have to work with it a lot to figure it out and even learn how to take decent shots, so the longer this takes, the farther I am away from my goal.

Whatever, at least I have the camera! I'd never be able to afford something like that again, and I definitely plan to squeeze every penny of worth out of that baby. As soon as I finish these obligations. >.


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